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Cajun Foods, LLC
(207) 607-0257
Born on the Bayou...
   Raised in the Big Easy...
        Embraced by New England!
Founded by a Louisiana native and his devoted wife, Crazy Dick’s Cajun Foods is a home-based company in Maine which specializes in Cajun food made from organic ingredients. Crazy Dick’s pays special attention to the quality of its ingredients...
and the overall nutritional value of its products. Our goal is to be recognized as the most authentic and healthiest supplier of Cajun food in the New England region. We expect to expand our selection of Cajun inspired organic products over time, so we’re excited and honored to have you along for the ride!

Our website is designed to serve you. From our site you can acquire Crazy Dick’s products, recipes like Crazy Dick’s time tested Jambalaya, and basic techniques for successful Cajun cooking. If you call us directly expect service of an uncommonly high caliber.

Cajun food and culture is about living off the land and celebrating every moment! At Crazy Dick’s we marry that philosophy with healthy living. We don’t count calories but we don’t add them unnecessarily. We don’t hold back on flavor but we don’t rely on sodium to inform your taste buds you’re actually chewing food. We could offer conventionally grown foods instead of organics, but we don’t. And most of all, we love and plan to promote the flavorful rhythm of food born in the Bayou State! 

Homemade Cajun Seasoning and Healthy Sensibilities Mixed in Maine...
Go Figure!
Crazy Dick's Cajun Foods ® 138 Massachusetts Ave - Portland - ME 04102