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Cajun Foods, LLC
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"Genuinely Famous" Crazy Dick's Cajun Recipes
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We hope you enjoy these time tested Cajun recipes!
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This family style Cajun dish pushes all the right buttons. A Crazy Dick's favorite that's made in a variety of styles. Click below to learn how!
Tomato based, rich and creamy, with a sophisticated edge. Shrimp Creole is another Crazy Dick's favorite. Click below to learn how!
More than a song or two has been written about Gumbo. Click below to learn what all the fuss is about. Yet another Crazy Dick's favorite. OK, they're all Crazy Dick's favorites!
Crazy Dick's is a critical ingredient in Cajun cooking, enhances all foods and puts you in control of the sodium in your diet.
You can't
cook Cajun
Crazy Dick's!
The quintessential New Orleans luncheon dish, especially if it's Monday. Crazy Dick's Genuinely Famous Recipe makes it easy!
Crazy Dick's Cajun Seasoning is Awesome on vegetables and this recipe is so easy you'll wonder why you didn't think of it yourself...
Just Spicy enough, just sweet enough, and just rich enough to be legal! Crazy Dick's Legal Sweet Potato Crunch. Is it for dinner or dessert? You decide!